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Mammoth deliver mattress technology which offers clinically proven* better sleep!

Sleep is a fundamental life process which confers benefits for optimal physical and psychological functioning. It has been long established that the bedroom environment has a powerful impact on an individual’s perceptions of their sleep and the quality, quantity, and timing of the sleep they obtain. To that end, clinicians, when addressing sleep in a therapeutic context will often ask specific questions about the bedroom environment and, if necessary, enable changes in order to maximise the potential for efficient, healthy, sleep. Such questions about the bedroom environment usually involve the influence of external factors on the bedroom (i.e. levels of ambient light and noise and the temperature in the bedroom) and more specifically the make-up of the bed itself (i.e. pillows, mattress, and bedding).

Mammoth Medical Foam

The aim of the present study was to determine whether using a new Mammoth Mattress resulted in increased sleep performance both subjectively and objectively compared to a typical night of sleep at home with their current mattress.

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