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Highgrove Beds

Highgrove BedsIn our modern factory we pride ourselves on the consistent high standard of our product.

Our highly experienced and skilled workforce guarantee the highest level of quality you and your customers demand through our continual investment in the latest technology and our sourcing of the finest raw materials.

We remain at the forefront of mattress and divan manufacture, offering an ‘open-door’ policy to all our customers to come and see for yourself.

We encourage site visits by appointment or unannounced we hide nothing from our customers.(As talk is cheap, the proof is in the sleep.)

Optimum Comfort & Support
Finding the perfect balance and sleeping position is affected by your size, shape and weight. When lying on your side the spine should be horizontal with the mattress supporting you head to toe, without any pressure points this is true irrespective of the materials used to construct the mattress i.e. Latex, Memory Foam, Natural fillings, Pocket Sprung and Open Coil.

Sleep plays a vital role in keeping us all healthy. It allows our bodies to repair and renew themselves in preparation for the next day’s modern demands. Sleep activates the healing process and re-hydrates spinal discs. Sleep also strengthens the immune system and allows the body to rejuvenate.