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Choosing a chair that’s the right size for your body is crucial. This means the chair you choose should match your body’s dimensions in terms of seat height, width and depth. If you don’t get this right, the chair will not only be uncomfortable, but it could cause you physical problems. When a chair is too high, your feet won’t be able to touch the floor and this will put too much pressure on your back. Your legs could also start to feel very uncomfortable.

If the chair is too short, your legs won’t be fully supported and the backs of your thighs could start to ache. Also if  the seat is too wide, you’ll find there is nothing to stop you leaning sideways and your back will not be properly supported. You’ll also feel less secure in the chair. If the seat is too tight, it will prove uncomfortable and restrictive .If the seat is too deep, you won’t be able to sit with your back fully supported down its length. Often, people who’ve made this mistake stuff cushions behind them, but this doesn’t provide even support. You could also find pressure builds behind the knees – not ideal if you have circulation problems. You should be able to sit with both feet flat on the floor and your bottom right at the back of the seat.

The width of the seat should accommodate your bottom and legs comfortably yet still provide sideways support (you should be able to get a hand width between your thighs and the armrest).Your arms should be supported underneath your elbow without lifting your shoulders, and the length of the armrests should accommodate your forearms.

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