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One of the biggest causes of sleepless nights is fluctuations in body temperature, so we offer some mattresses with 100% natural fillings to keep you comfortable all year round. Mattress design and technology has never been more innovative. We offer a wide range at prices to suit every pocket.

Open coil spring
The most commonly-used springing system in the world for budget-priced mattresses
Border rod or wire gives the mattress a firm edge and helps retain its shape
Sides are machine stitched rather than hand-stitched.

Pocket spring system
Pocket springs are more luxurious, with individual small springs housed in separate fabric pockets. Pocket springs work independently to respond to individual body weight. They can also have stitched sides for strong, stable edges – hand stitching is a sign of craftsmanship and quality.

Revolution spring system
Our most advanced pocket spring mattress, with a highly effective ‘spring within a spring’ system. Responsive outer spring works with a second inner spring to provide extra support where it is needed most. Some have hand stitched sides to secure the outer springs to the border.

Memory Foam (visco elastic)
The mattress moulds and re-moulds to your body’s contour as your body heat softens it. Provides support and enables natural movement during sleep. Helps to maintain correct posture and align spine horizontally when lying on your side. It is also Hypo-allergenic with anti-microbial properties.

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