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Amber 6700

Amber 6700,

Mattress spring count 4200,

True edge base 2500.

Featuring flax and HD spring-zoned

With thousands of springs that all work independently, the Amber 6700 guarentees total support at every point on its surface. Choose from gentle, medium and firm support.

The interior filling comprises generous layers of flax and the finest wool, cotton and mohair blend with a special zone of HD springs. Finished with actipro that neutralises allergens to ensure a restful nights sleep.

Comfort from natural fillings

Comfort from natural fillings

  • Flax and HD Spring-Zoned
  • Wool, Cotton and Mohair Blend
  • Cotton Blend

Superior award-winning support

Superior award-winning support

  • Revolution Spring System
  • Double Side-Stitching
  • True Edge Base with 2500 Pocket Springs
  • Suitable for Bed Frames

For your health and wellbeing

For your health and wellbeing

  • Warm Side / Cool Side
  • Purotex – Allergy Free
  • Natural Viscose Mattress Cover

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